Energy Healing Experience old

Experience a safe, supportive and high vibrational environment to help you remove blocks that limit expansion, heal past trauma, promote self healing and create a sense of deep calm. 

Heal. Balance. Restore. Rise. 

Energy Healing is a gentle and profound healing modality that helps to balance and restore your entire system, mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Are you willing to move through whatever is holding you back from shining bright in this world? 

It is time to be who you came here to be.

Kim Maxwell is a Certified Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Instructor and Certified Reiki Practitioner who effortlessly combines these modalities and years of experience to provide a unique and powerful healing experience.   

Benefits of an Energy Healing Experience may include:

💛 strengthened immune system  

💛 more mindful and connected to the present moment

💛 improved sleep

💛 pain relief

💛 release of blocked and suppressed emotions

💛 reduce stress

💛 fully rejuvenated 

💛 an activated parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore response)

💛 an acceleration of your body’s innate healing abilities 

💛 deep relaxation and calm

💛 feel light, energized and carefree

💛 inner peace

💛 more connected to your higher Self

💛 increase your capacity for joy

💛 feel more in tune with your body 

💛 increased feelings of gratitude 

💛 freedom, flow and creativity                          

💛 a deeper connection to your purpose 



“I am passionate about empowering people 
to navigate their way back to their own heart, 
their own Truth and connection to their deepest self.“

~ Kim  




 If you feel inspired for us to work together, I invite you to connect with me  to book an Energy Healing Experience.

You don't need to believe or understand how energy healing works you simply need to be willing to explore and open your heart and mind to receive fully.

During this experience, Kim draws on her gifts as a healer and years of experience to create the space for you to heal deeply. 

What’s included in your session:

💛 60 minutes of channeling potent energy healing

💛 Clear and concise intuitive insights delivered by Kim throughout the treatment


Your Investment: $90 CAD (+ 5% gst in Canada)

 Step one: Book your private Energy healing experience  

❤️Click here to book an appointment.

The sessions are generally 60 minutes and are done by distance through phone or webcall. Make sure you choose a quiet space free from distractions. It is ideal if you are able to lay down for the session. It is best not to eat at least 30 minutes beforehand. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

Step two: Once you have booked a session and received an email confirmation of your appointment pre-payment for your session is required.

NOTE: payment will be through PayPal or etransfer (in Canada) 

What others are saying....

“Last night I experienced a virtual appointment with Kim. It was truly beautiful. The energy flowed through my body in the way that it needed to, and the sensations were as real as if she was stood beside me, despite us being thousands of miles apart...” - Joanne, Fertility Coach, United Kingdom 


“Kim is extraordinarily intuitive. In my session, she quickly identified deeply rooted areas of struggle, shed light on them, and resolved these longstanding blocks. I was amazed. I feel lighter, happier and overall, free. She is a powerful healer. Yet, almost paradoxically, she is gentle and humble. A feeling of safety was pervasive throughout the session, which was reassuring and made all processes come easily. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking healing. She is a true gift to the world and I feel blessed to have found her.”

- Amy A., Author, United States


”Kim’s distance healing session had a profound effect on me.  I reached out when I was in a dark place of pain and suffering.   The pressure in my head was unmanageable.  With in 30 min the pressure decreased and shifted.  The headache / pressure in my head didn’t go away completely but it shifted so that I could get out of bed and function, which was exactly what I needed in that moment (after 5 days in bed with a migraine).  The really cool thing was later that night I felt like I was still experiencing shifts from our session.   I did go to bed at 7 pm, but I had the best sleep ever!  And woke up symptom free the next day.  I am still in awe and extremely grateful for this experience with Kim.” - K. Shuttleworth, Intuitive Healer & Coach, Sacred Gifts Guide - Ontario, Canada


 Thank you! I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.